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Read reviews of the award-winning children's alphabet book, Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy.

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Loved the poetry and the illustrations!

Adorable, Unique and Creative!

Purchased this book for my 4-year-old and 6-year-old grandchildren for a Christmas gift. I could not be more pleased. The stories and pictures are precious. I love that they show a picture of Miss Judy at the back of the book and tell a short story about her. This book is a keepsake for sure!

Barbara, thank you so much for your order and your review. We really appreciate it, and we are happy to hear that you are pleased with the contents and quality of the book.

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My nephews love this book!

I bought this book for my nephews that are 2 and 4 and they love it! It is a beautiful, fun, and educational book that is perfect for any child!

Thank you Alex!

Alex’s mom Judy was a friend of ours many years ago in Venezuela when Alex and his brother were pre-teens. We think this book captures Judy's passion and creativity. We are passing this book along to family and friends. Alex and his team did a FANTASTIC job creating this book.

Fabulous book! The illustrations are WONDERFUL and the choices for words representing the alphabet are so cute. An entertaining read to your little ones!

Great book. We have already sent it to nephews in Chicago and Lake Tahoe. I’m sure it will help them learn the alphabet and animals.

Fun book!

Love the book, my 15mo. old granddaughter loves all the animals and repeats sounds my daughter has made up for all the animals!

Go-to gift!

I don't have kids and have a solid grasp of the alphabet, but it makes a great gift for anyone with young kids! Everyone I've gifted it to has really loved it.


The artwork, the playful rhymes (and even more playful skipping of the occasional rhyme) - this book is an absolute gem! The nephews and niece love it. I had to purchase an extra three for family friends. What a beautiful tribute to a mother and her love for enriching the lives of kids.

We Love This Book!

We love this book, we like to explore the illustrations and the intricate artwork that's displayed on each page. The Rhymes are thoughtful and fun for the kids to read. Highly recommend!

Lovely and Creative

This book is beautiful and fun. I enjoy reading it with my toddler and I think he will appreciate it more and more as he learns to read.

Great for kids!

Teacher Judy's book from A to Z is great learning for young ones. Judy has an amazing backstory and I am happy that the book represents her. The art inside is gorgeous and fun. I highly, highly recommend this book for anyone as your kids will undoubtedly love it!

Beautiful Illustrations with a Fun Learning Narrative

This book is excellent for young kids (and adults too!). My 4 year-old niece required that I read it to her before bed each night. She was able to remember the story and recite it along with me. Both of us loved the illustrations.

It's a fun way to get a child involved in learning. It really is the total package. I just wish the alphabet had more than 26 letters!

Great alphabet book

This is an excellent book - both my kids love the rhymes and the delightful pictures!

Fantastic, from A to Z!

My daughter loves this book and always asks to read it FIRST. Ranking order of bedtime stories is important to a 2.5 year old of course. She is learning her letters and to sing the alphabet when we get to the back of the book with all the letters displayed. The illustrations are wonderful. We’ve really enjoyed this book!

Gorgeous illustrations and memorable writing

This book has been a phenomenal addition to our bedtime routine. I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old and they both love it. My older one has now memorized the lines (as have I, I basically don't read the words at this point, we've read it that much) so he just recites them from his bunk bed while my younger one enjoys looking at the illustrations and saying some of the lines. The illustrations are really exceptional. There's something for everyone, in every read.

I own and have read a LOT of kids books over the years, and Teacher Judy's Journey from A to Z is one of the best. I'm delighted to also have bought 5 more copies, so I get to share this book with friends and family as they have their own children.

A true hit!

Teacher Judy quickly became my 2 year old's favorite book. The rhymes are great and the illustrations are incredible! My daughter reads it every single night and it's helped her learn her ABC's. We absolutely love this book!

Ghostride with Gabby

My daughter looooves the rhymes and illustrations in this book. But if I’m being honest, that’s not why I read it, I read it cause I dig it (shhhh!)

Teacher Too

Really enjoyed the book.I love books with rhyming words for young children and gave it to my five year old granddaughter Zoie for Christmas. I’m trying to write a children’s book myself and also enjoyed teaching.

Wonderful Book!

What a fantastic, imaginative book! The writing is fun and engaging, and the illustrations are extraordinary. The entire experience of reading "Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy" is uplifting! Thank you for creating this for the world.

This book is a treasure!

I bought books for myself and my mother, and we both love it. The illustrations are so unique and cool, the writing is creative, and the quality is excellent. Shipping/receiving went without a hitch, Alex is quite the professional.


Best ABC book there is. Also did I mention it’s awesome?

Beautiful book!

I bought this book as a gift for all the kiddos in my life. I found the book to be well thought out and the colors and illustrations are gorgeous! All the kids have loved it!

Wonderful pictures + prose

Absolute barnstormer of a book. Both of my little cousins (168 + 204 month olds) can't get enough! Probably better suited to a younger audience but it resonates with any age. Can't recommend this book highly enough.

Illustrations, Deep Colors, Animals, and the Alphabet = Learning Fun!

This is my child's new favorite book! We have other ABC books, but he is enthralled by all the animal characters and profound colors. The illustrations are outstanding - you feel like you are dropped in the middle of an adventure on every page, as if there is a story just emanating from the images and the rhymes. The book also does not have the sort of overdone, very childish, feel or arrangement to it - it makes learning the ABC's much more dramatic and therefore fun! Highly recommend this book for parents who want to inspire their child's imagination :)