Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy
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Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy
Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy

Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy

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Journey from A to Z is a beautifully illustrated, 64-page alphabet book that will take you through the alphabet with animals, interesting locations, and cute rhymes and alliteration. 

The book was funded and supported by over 180 people around the world. It has a powerful backstory -- a son did his best to pay tribute to his deceased mother, Teacher Judy, and her work as a teacher. She wrote the first manuscript, but was unable to finish the book and get it published, until now. Read more about the backstory here.

Join us on this alphabetical and animal-filled adventure, where Teacher Judy is your host!

Customer Reviews

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Illustrations, Deep Colors, Animals, and the Alphabet = Learning Fun!

This is my child's new favorite book! We have other ABC books, but he is enthralled by all the animal characters and profound colors. The illustrations are outstanding - you feel like you are dropped in the middle of an adventure on every page, as if there is a story just emanating from the images and the rhymes. The book also does not have the sort of overdone, very childish, feel or arrangement to it - it makes learning the ABC's much more dramatic and therefore fun! Highly recommend this book for parents who want to inspire their child's imagination :)

Perfect for a young learner

Like others have said the quality is really high. The hard cover is sturdy and beautiful and the pages are a nice thick weight. All the art is stunning and the words are fun and age appropriate. I can’t wait to get this into my nephew’s hands!!

The kids are enjoying it

The book looks great! The packaging it came in was great as well. 10/10

Great book!!

Quality is great. Good weight on the paper. Hardcover is really nice. Our son has handled it a few times and it’s holding up.

The content is great. If I didn’t know that it was the result of a process and there was someone I knew that made it, I think I’d be super happy with the book. It’s now in my son’s repeat list.

There awkwardest parts were R -> S because the rhyming pattern changes briefly, and Z. We had a little difficulty with pronouncing “Xavi” but the xolo hint was great.

The bottom line, we’re enjoying the book! I’ll probably be on my 100th read in a week.

Great Illustrations, Content and Quality

I was not expecting such high quality from a crowdfunded book, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this book. The pages are of thicker stock and the cover material is also solid.

The writing and illustrations are also super fun. You get to take a trip around different places in the world and rhyme your way through the alphabet with cute animals. Also, being able to read the backstory of the book is pretty fantastic. There's a lot of meaning behind it, and that kinda sets it apart from other children's books!